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Go Tiger Sharks!
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(C) Copyright Notice: All content is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Copy or use without permission is denied. Contact Tiger Sharks, Inc. to request a license to use.
(C) Copyright Notice: All content is copyrighted. All rights are reserved.
Copy or use without prior written permission is denied.
Contact Tiger Sharks, Inc. to request a license to use.
(C) Copyright Notice: All content is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Copy or use without prior written permission is denied.
Contact Tiger Sharks, Inc. to request a license to use.
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"Developing swimmers for over 30 years!"
Tiger Sharks Summer Swim Club
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Welcome to the Home of the Tiger Sharks

We are a recreational, youth summer swim club in Pickerington, Ohio. Because we're in Violet Township, our color is purple.

Our mission is to promote the development of sound swimming skills in a competitive environment, while providing an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie.

We serve parts of Fairfield, Franklin & Licking counties. Swimming is a fun athletic summer activity for your kids! We invite all K-12 swimmers and young athletes to join our team. For team details, see OUR TEAM page. For info about our organization, see ABOUT US page. We had a very successful 2019 season, finishing 3rd overall, and in Division 1 of our league, TCAL. Registration for returning members is underway for the 2020 season, which will be the Tiger Sharks 33rd season. If interested in joining as a new swimmer, stay tuned to OUR TEAM page, registration for new members opens on March 31st.  Don't wait too long to join the team, during the last two seasons we reached our maximum team capacity and had to turn swimmers away. GO TIGER SHARKS!

Reasons to Swim with the Tiger Sharks

Kids and young adults have many choices for their summer sports and activities. There are many kids sports teams and youth athletic activities available, but competitive swimming isn't often first on the list. It should be. Summer swim teams are a fun, active way for kids to enjoy the summer. Swimming is a sport that fits all body types & personalities. Races are short. Meets can last a while so athletes get to spend a lot of quality time with their friends & families. Kids have plenty of time to make new friends, too. If you're considering swimming as a youth sport, here are reasons why the Tiger Sharks Swim Team is a top choice.

Nearby Communities Welcome!

We've been known as the Pickerington Tiger Sharks for over 30 years, but you don't have to live in Pickerington to be a Tiger Shark!

We Have 10 Lanes!

Tiger Sharks' home is the Pickerington Community Pool with 10 competition lanes. We have the largest and, we believe, the nicest competition pool in the league!

Great Conditioning for All Sports!

Swim practice develops strength, rhythm and stamina. Swimming builds long, lean muscle mass, core strength, and flexibility. It's great conditioning that transfers to all sports.

Fits with Other Summer Sports!

Our morning practice and varied meet schedule work well with other summer sports. Conflicts are few so kids can do another youth summer sport and swim.

8-Week Season & Daily Practices!

Our program is two months long and gives the kids a lot of time to enjoy the sport. Comparing the number of practices and meets to other summer sports, #swimming is by far the most cost-effective.

Get Your Own Lane, Stay Safe!

Swimming is the ultimate non-contact sport. Your kids don't have to go elbow-to-elbow with other kids. In swimming, head-to-head really means side-by-side. This is a major reason why swimming is ranked as one of the safest sports by the National Federation of State High School Associations and the National Institutes of Health.

All Your Kids On One Team!

No running from team to team! Ours is one team for all your kids, 5 to 18!

No Bench Warming!

Unlike baseball, softball, soccer & football, our summer swim team has no bench-warmers. Everyone swims in our meets. For beginner #swimmers, events are chosen to build the athletes' confidence. Advanced swimmers, compete in events to help the team and qualify swimmers for Champs. Each swimmer can swim in the maximum allowed individual events.

Swim & Surf!

Our pool has excellent, free WiFi! Plus we're a PokeStop.

Look Cool, Swim Warm!

Two words... HEATED POOL! This is very handy at the beginning of the season, right after Memorial Day.

Don't Wait In Line!

With plenty of practice lanes, you don't have to wait in line to get in the water!

Well Run Meets!

We have a well organized board & great volunteers. Our home meets run smoothly and results are quickly available.

Everyone Pays Same Fee!

We don't recruit no-fee "ringers." From fastest to slowest, everyone pays the same fee. An advanced swimmer who is hired as Junior Coach gets paid a small stipend & has their fees waived. This is a paying job and they are expected to provide service to the team. Only prior season Tiger Sharks are eligible to be a Junior Coach.

Watch From Afar!

If you can't come to a home meet, you can still be connected. All of our home meets are posted online to Meet Mobile so you can see how your swimmers are doing even when you can't be here.

Pool Membership NOT Required!

You don't have to be a pool member to swim on our team! Your swim fee grants pool access for practices & meets.  If you want to go to the pool at other times, you'll need to buy a season pool membership or daily pool passes.  The Tiger Sharks are a nonprofit organization separate from the Pickerington Community Pool. We work with the City to use the pool but have our own membership, funding, and governing structure.

Swim Well, Have Fun!

Our coaching staff focuses on the fundamentals & fun of swimming. We know kids swim better when they're having fun.

Home of the Mascot Challenge!

We held our first Mascot Challenge in 2016. See the videos: Age Group & Coaches. This relay race is always a huge success. Our mascot is Tyrese the mighty, mighty Tiger Shark, and he is fast!

Timely Information!

You're never in the dark. Timely information about upcoming team events is the norm. We strive to have the best-informed team in the sport!

You Can Get Here From There!

The Shark Tank, as we fondly call our pool, is near many southeast Columbus communities and adjoining suburbs including, parts of Canal Winchester, Reynoldsburg, Pataskala, Baltimore, Brice, Etna, Independence Village, & of course all of Pickerington.

We're a Platinum Level ยง501(c)(3) Nonprofit!

In addition to running a well-organized youth athletic team, we pay attention to the details of operating a non-profit kids summer sports team. We are a charitable and educational nonprofit to benefit the youth of our community. You can find our Platinum Level achievement on GuideStar.org.

So these are just a few reasons to be a Tiger Shark and swim on our recreational, summer #swimteam. But the biggest reason of all is because we're working hard to make the Tiger Sharks the best of the best summer sports for kids! GO TIGER SHARKS!!!