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Go Tiger Sharks!
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2017 Information for Parents

The cost to join the 2017 Tiger Sharks is a simple $100 per swimmer.  Pool membership is NOT required.  NO additional fee for non-members.  You can try out the Tiger Sharks because our $100 per swimmer fee is refundable until our first meet.  The season info and team rules are summarized in our 2017 Parent Information Packet downloadable PDF document.

As with any swim team or kid's sport, there are some additional costs.  If your swimmer wears a swim cap in a meet, it must be a Tiger Sharks team cap.  Also, your swimmer will need goggles and a competition swim suit.  Team suits are preferred, but other purple competition suits can be worn in meets.  You can buy reasonably priced team suits and swim accessories from our online Tiger Sharks Swim Shop.  The suit should fit tight and will stretch with use.  Click this link for a Dolfin Sizing Chart for help with picking a suit for your swimmer.  If you still have questions, email, text or call and we'll try to help.