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Practice Schedule 2017

Our season starts as early as possible -- even before some schools are out for the summer.  That's OK, swimmers can join our team and there's no penalty for missing practices that overlap school.  Please let us know if  you're available for our first meet, and we'll work you into the lineup, even without first week of practice.

Practice is essential to improvement and success with any skill.  Swimming is no different.  Although attendance at practice is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended.  Repetition and great coaching are essential to improvement.  The Tiger Sharks offer a great coaching staff and wonderful facilities which will help your kids become better swimmers.  Our coaches are very flexible with club swimmers who usually have rigorous club practice schedules.  We would like to have club swimmers practice with us once or twice per week if possible.  Club swimmers can be a good example and inspire our non-club swimmers.

Practices are held weekday mornings at the Pickerington Community Pool and are scheduled around their hours of operation.  Two practice sessions are held each weekday, one for children ages 11 & up and one for children ages 10 & under.

Practices will begin on Tuesday, May 30 and end on Wednesday, July 19.  The team does not practice on days of meets.  The practice schedule below may be modified based on team-building activities, our meet schedule and Community Pool events.  Changes to practices are announced through our team website and Remind.com text alerts sent by the coaches.

5/30/17 - First day of practice
6/07/17 - No practice
7/04/17 - No practice
7/05/17 - No practice
7/10/17 - No practice
7/19/17 - Last day of  practice

Practice Schedule: 
  7:15 AM to 8:30 AM - 11 & UP
  8:30 AM to 9:30 AM - 10 & UNDER

Inclement Weather: Thunder and lightning can delay or cancel practice.  Rain does not cancel practice, unless the lifeguards and coaches are unable to see the bottom of the pool.  Coaches will send REMIND alerts if practice is cancelled.